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Why Integrated Talent Management Matters Now!

January 8, 2016 | HCI Research Team & Pamela Stroko, Vice President, Mid-Market HCM Transformation & Thought Leadership, Oracle HCM

You can’t listen to a news report or read economic data without hearing about the current job market. We have had 65 months of private sector job growth, and last year alone the economy added over 3.1 million new jobs. Employee confidence ...

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Health and Well-being Touchstone Survey results

October 20, 2015

2015 Health and Well-being Touchstone Survey Highlights:

The average reported increase in medical plan costs before plan changes was 7.9% for 2014, very close to the 8.0% expected from the 2014 Touchstone Survey. 
The average ...

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The Changing Role of the CHRO

May 28, 2015

New research by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services has found a large gap between what companies want from the CHRO— for example, considering revenue, market share, and other business outcomes when making workforce plans—and the ...

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Workforce Intelligence: From Seed to Sprout

April 8, 2015 | Randi Kenney | HCI

Data-driven HR. HR Analytics. Talent Management. Organizational Agility. Chief People Officer. Once just buzzwords, these concepts are now foundational elements of a strong organization’s human resources strategy. In a job market that caters more and more to the candidate’s needs, organizations are seeking to become more proactive. They’re no longer filling a vacancy. Today, it’s a matter of finding and cultivating talent, integrating that talent into a strong and diverse company culture and nurturing that talent to produce the best possible workforce.

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