Coaching-Centered Enterprise (CCE)

Course Outline

Phase 1: DEFINE – What is a Culture of Coaching?
Module Key Topics
Introduction to Coaching
  • Defining coaching
  • What is successful coaching?
  • NASA, Johnson Space Center: Understanding Coaching
  • The three coaching modalities (external coaching, internal coaching, and managers/leaders using coaching skills)
  • Coaching vs. mentoring, managing, and feedback Types of coaching interactions
Culture of Coaching
  • Defining a coaching culture
  • Hawkins’ strategy for a coaching culture
  • Top results and benefits of a strong coaching culture
  • Key findings from HCI-International Coaching Federation (ICF) 2016 research
  • Suffolk Construction, Mayo Clinic, and NASA: Coaching Cultures in Practice
  • HCI’s Sustainable Coaching Culture Model
  • Oracle: Lessons Learned
Coaching, Development and Performance
  • Replacement between coaching, development, and performance
  • Dr. David Rock, NeuroLeadership Institute: The Impact of a Growth Mindset
  • T-Mobile: Performance Management Case Study
  • Adobe: Check-ins and Giving Feedback Case Study
Business Impact of a Coaching Culture
  • Impacts and benefits
  • ICF Prism Award Framework: Impact, Standards, Strategy, and Sustainability
  • Impact questionnaire
  • Kirkpatrick/Phillips Levels of Evaluation applied to coaching
  • Return on Investment (ROI) quiz
  • Return on Expectations model
  • The value of coaching
  • Defining the value proposition
Managers Using Coaching Skills
  • Jennifer Long, Management: Possible: Coaching for Performance
  • Coaching skills for managers
  • ICF Core Competencies for coaching
  • Inventory of coaching conversation models: GROW, CLEAR, and OSKAR
  • Coaching conversations in action
  • The Linde Group: Coaching
  • Skills for Managers Case Study
  • Day one wrap up
Phase 2: DESIGN – What Infrastructure is Right for your Organization?
Module Key Topics
Coaching Skills Assessment
  • Continue Your Journey assessment
  • Training for managers/leaders using coaching skills
  • Support for ongoing training
Designing a Coaching-Centered Enterprise
  • Using HCI’s Sustainable Coaching Culture Model as a design roadmap
  • Hawkins’ Foundational Coaching Strategy
  • Desired state analysis
  • Shawna Corden, PCC: Tips for Finding the Right Coaching Mix
  • Coaching Approach tool
Phase 3: DEVELOP – How to Implement a Coaching Culture
Module Key Topics
Coaching Culture Realities
  • Barriers and challenges
  • Most common impediments to using coaching skills (from HCI-ICF research)
  • Coaching culture risk assessment
  • Culture change challenges
  • Building leadership accountability
  • Movado: Accountability Case Study
Driving Adoption of a Coaching Culture
  • Edgar Schein’s organizational culture model
  • Your role in change management
  • The ABC’s of Change Management
  • Communication plan
  • Coaching culture talk track
Activating a Coaching Culture
  • Insights from the field
  • Nike: Initiating Coaching Conversations
  • Coaching culture project plan
  • Program conclusion and wrap up