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High-potential talent can help secure your long-term talent planning and ensure a strong leadership pipeline. These people are the future leaders of your company, and by using targeted development and succession planning techniques, you can tap into their aspirations to lead big changes and transform markets. Learn about the many ways you can mold these high-potential leaders, capitalizing on their high performance to achieve crucial business goals.

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Featured in High Potential Development:

White Paper

Social Learning and the Future of Work

White Paper | Source: Bloomfire | Published: September 14, 2015

Think about the two or three most meaningful learning experiences of your career. What did you learn? Where did you learn these lessons or skills and from whom? How did you come to realize that these would be among the most important learning ...

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White Paper

Tell or Don’t Tell?

White Paper | Source: Korn Ferry Institute | Published: September 9, 2015

The dilemma of “to tell or not tell?” a high-potential employee that they have been identified as such has been around for decades. Don Laidlaw, Corporate Head of Executive Resources for IBM in the 1980s, used to respond to this ...

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Catch the Wave or Get Left Behind: Harness the Big Changes Happening in Learning and Development

Webcast | Presented By: Greg Ketchum | Webcast Aired: September 2, 2015

You may find yourself struggling to make learning delivery align with business strategy. And you might find yourself being asked to deliver training that you know won't be effective. And you might ask yourself how can I fix this? Find out how you can stop letting the days go by without being a part of the big changes in L&D.


Giving New Leaders an Edge

Blog | Author: International Coach Federation | Source: HCI | Published: August 25, 2015

For first-time leaders, finding the right support early in their transition to a new role can make the difference between failing and thriving. 

White Paper

How to Build a 21st Century Learning Ecosystem

White Paper | Source: Grovo | Published: August 20, 2015

Technology is moving faster than ever. And with it, the skills and resources people need to do their best work are rapidly changing. Recognizing this, organizations large and small are throwing huge sums of money at employee development. But ...

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