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Whether you need to provide long-term development planning or just-in-time training, your learning strategy should give employees the skills and support they need excel at their jobs. You can create a learning culture with continuous learning programs supplemented with the right learning content for your organization. Discover ways to develop your learning strategy and measure its effectiveness in training your employees.

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How To Transition Your Career The Right Way

October 8, 2015 | Stacey Rivers | HCI

Transitioning to a new career can be challenging if you don't know what steps to take before you make an irreversible decision. As technologies advance and companies adjust their strategy, more than ever it is important for you to grow your skills, build on what you have, and take calculated risks to propel your career forward. 


What to Know Before You Offer Severance: Benchmarking and Planning Your Severance Strategy

October 17, 2014 | Karen Stevens, Vice President, Practice Strategy at RiseSmart | HCI

Few HR professionals enjoy the subject of layoffs—the act of separating valued employees can be uncomfortable and emotionally taxing, and it may feel as though the subject is best avoided until the eventuality of separation presents itself. It is much easier to focus on positive events, like hiring, as evidenced by the ease of finding data for benchmarking your salary bands. 


Why it is Time for Change in Executive Outplacement

October 2, 2014 | Karen Stevens, Vice President, Practice Strategy, RiseSmart | HCI

The future of outplacement looks very different from its history, and executive outplacement is no exception. As organizations react to the demands of the industry and the economy, they must also embrace the changes in demands that transitioning executives will face—and respond with an outplacement solution that helps executives get to their next role faster.

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