Human Capital Advisor (HCA)

Communicate, Position and Close the Sale

HCI's Human Capital Advisor (HCA) certification offers new knowledge, and powerful competitive differentiation, for progressive human capital and talent management service providers. HCA training helps sales professionals understand and navigate the new landscape of integrated talent management, and provides concrete strategies for communicating their expertise, positioning their offerings and closing sales faster.




  • Welcome
  • Course goals and materials
  • Agenda
  • Introductions


The Importance of Talent Management Today

  • The talent lifecycle model
  • The talent mindset
  • Role of talent in different economic eras
  • The rise of intangibles
  • Synthesis of research studies
  • Leading company examples: Southwest, McDonalds, Hindustan-Unilever, Zappos
  • Human capital value chain


The ROI of Talent Management

  • The business drivers
  • Improving productivity
  • Mitigating risk
  • Saving cost
  • Increasing innovation
  • Executing strategy
  • Being externally accountable
  • Talent management by the numbers


Activity: 20 Key Talent Practices

  • Take the 20 item assessment
  • Form in groups to discuss findings and analysis
  • Develop recommendations
  • Open discussion on talent issues


The TM Adoption Model

  • Strategic talent management
  • Call center activity
  • The six steps in establishing a talent-driven culture
  • Describing each step in the model
  • Assessing where clients are in this process


Activity: Overcoming Objections

  • Multi-media: Developing compelling cases to influence key decision makers
  • Four typical objections that are raised by clients and prospects
  • Table groups are assigned an objection to analyze and report back
  • Open discussion on other objections that have been encountered


Activity: Overcoming Objections

  • Analytics
  • Talent marketplaces
  • New models of development
  • Greater organization flexibility and choices
  • Talent leaders at all levels


Activity: preparing for Executive Presentations

  • The teams pick an actual account and develop a seven to ten minute presentation on: account overview, the issues, needs and challenges in the account; the benefits of talent management to addresses these issues; and how your solutions meet the customers needs and improve performance.


Executive Presentations

  • The seven to ten minute presentations are presented by each group and feedback is provided from colleagues and the faculty.



  • Review of key points
  • Participant outcomes
  • Next steps: executive presentations from everyone and the HCA test