Human Capital Advisor (HCA)

A Value-Added, Strategic Relationship

Human capital professionals are experiencing dramatic and rapid change, as industrial-era HR gives way to global economy talent management. They are grappling with new ideas, learning new skills and coping with demands to step up from their traditional administrative duties, to a much more strategic role in the organization. In turn, they need to partner with knowledgeable service providers who can guide them to better decisions. HCA gives sales professionals the expertise to build those value-added, strategic relationships.

New Decisions and Centers of Influence

As HR executives are seeing their worlds upended, service providers are experiencing new challenges of their own. The landscape has shifted, centers of influence have changed, and a new talent-centric worldview is shaping the conversation and driving new buying behaviors. HCA helps sales professionals identify new variables that impact the purchase, effectively overcome objections, and move the sale forward.

A Common Vocabulary

Effective selling into the new strategic HR marketplace requires a mutual understanding of the integrated talent management landscape, and the inter-locking challenges at each step. HCA provides a framework and common vocabulary that enables all stakeholders to level-set quickly on objectives and solutions.

A Comprehensive View

The HCA curriculum provides a landscape view of integrated talent management, from workforce planning, through talent acquisition, onboarding, engagement, deployment, performance management, advancement, succession and retention. It is essential knowledge for consultive sales into HR, corporate recruitment, OD/ learning or the line.

A Career-Changing Certification

HCI certification is the gold standard for knowledge in strategic human capital and talent management. Certified HCA graduates have made the educational investment to bring value-added expertise to their clients' strategic challenges. This results in trust, a broader dialogue, and ultimately, more sales.