Human Resources Transformation

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Human Resources Transformation Issue Portfolio

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Provides an overview of the types of content available, including case studies from leading firms, interviews with peer executives, downloadable visuals aids and models, actionable tools and templates, and a great deal of timely and insightful research.

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The process of predicting the future talent needs of an organization and creating a strategic workforce plan to to fulfill those needs.

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The process of attracting, sourcing, selecting, acquiring, and onboarding the right people, at the right time, for the right roles, at the right time.

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The process of retaining top talent and maximizing performance by optimizing existing structures (compensation, management practices, development, organizational design) and finding new ways to ensure employees feel valued and empowered at work.

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The process of developing current employees through a variety of methods (formal training, experiential learning, peer groups, mentoring, etc.) to ensure they have the skills and competencies necessary to perform in their current and future roles.

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The process of aligning an organization's talent needs with the desires and potential of employees by strategically managing talent mobility, leadership bench strength, and organizational design.

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