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Welcome to the Strategic Talent Acquisition Issue Portfolio, one of a number of HCI Enterprise Solutions.


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Provides an overview of the types of content available, including case studies from leading firms, interviews with peer executives, downloadable visuals aids and models, actionable tools and templates, and a great deal of timely and insightful research.

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Strategy & Organizational Models

Aligning the strategy and structure of the talent acquisition function to business needs. Key areas of focus include strategic workforce planning, use of contract talent, and creating a talent acquisition strategy.

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EVP/Employer Branding

The process of identifying the values, culture, and enviromental factors that are unique to an organization and using it to attract people with the skills, attributes, and attitude necessary to thrive in the organization.

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Talent Pipelines & Sourcing

Finding and inspiring high quality talent to apply for job openings whether they are found internally, externally, or through employee referrals.

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Assessment & Selection

Identifying the skills, competencies, behaviors, and personality traits that differentiate top performing employees from low performing employees and applying that data to the hiring process by administering assessments, structured interviews, and simulations to test for the same qualities in job applicants and better predict their performance in a role.

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Ensuring a smooth transition as the hiring process ends and a new hire prepares to begin work. A crucial moment where organizations can have a massive impact on an employee’s engagement level and shorten their time to productivity.

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Metrics & Analytics

Which metrics matter, which don’t, and how to gather and analyze actionable talent acquisition data.

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