Workforce Planning & Analytics

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Workforce Planning & Analytics Issue Portfolio

Welcome to the Workforce Planning Issue Portfolio, one of a number of HCI Enterprise Solutions.


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Provides an overview of the types of content available, including case studies from leading firms, interviews with peer executives, downloadable visuals aids and models, actionable tools and templates, and a great deal of timely and insightful research.

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Talent Segmentation

Content related to how to think about talent segmentation, and incorporate it into a strategic workforce planning process.

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Environment Scanning

Content related to the intelligent and selection analysis of the external environment while doing workforce planning.

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Futuring/Scenario Planning

Specifying and analyzing alternative future states that might drive today’s workforce decisions.

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Gap Analysis/Action Planning

Seeing potential gaps before they become realities, and solving potential issues before they become real problems.

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Metrics & Analytics

Which metrics matter, which don’t, and how to gather and analyze actionable data.

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