February 22, 2011 | Chicago, IL

IBM Executive Breakfast in Chicago

A New Workforce Perspective: Insights from over, 700 Global
HR Leaders


Today’s business environment is placing unprecedented demands on the workforce. And whether their companies are recovering from the wrenching decisions brought on by the recent recession, reeling from rising business complexity, or attempting to capitalize on growth opportunities, Human Resources (HR) executives now face some of the most significant challenges of their careers.

Are their organizations flexible enough to rapidly correct imbalances between talent supply and demand? How do they motivate a workforce that is increasingly diverse in terms of location, age, personal values and more? Do they have the fact-based insights needed to advise the business on strategic and operational decisions? In short, are HR leaders ready to reshape the workforce and human capital management for a very different future?

To explore these questions, IBM conducted face-to-face interviews with more than 550 Chief Human Resource Officers and senior HR executives across 61 countries and 31 industries. Through candid conversations, these HR leaders shared their successes, setbacks and surprises.


When: February 22, 2011 • 7:30 am–10:30am
Location: JW Marriott • Chicago, IL
Register: Please contact Barbara Sumanis at 866.538.1909


Hear from Maria-Paz Barrientos, Partner, Organization and People Practice, IBM Global Business Services and Michael DeMarco, HCI Team Leader, Talent Strategy and Acquisition, as they moderate a panel of expert practitioners who will discuss their most important workforce imperatives, how those align to what the business environment demands and how effective their companies are in these key areas.


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