December 5-6, 2013 | San Francisco, CA

Talent Acquisition Strategy & Technology

2013 saw unprecedented challenges to the talent acquisition function.  As the global economy recovers, businesses struggle to keep pace with continued high unemployment and widening skills gaps. Faced with a barrage of résumés and limited internal resources, the challenge of attracting and identifying the right top talent can be overwhelming. Talent acquisition departments need help, and as a result, the value proposition for investing in  talent acquisition systems has never been greater.

New Technology & Solutions:

Fortunately, talent acquisition technology advances at speeds that may render traditional recruiting tools and systems obsolete.  The market for mobile and social driven candidate relationship management tools, video interviewing, sourcing, reference checking, vertical assessments, holistic solutions, and data-driven recruiting systems is exploding as smart-phone adoption continues its exponential growth globally.

A Strategic Imperative:

Recruiting leaders want to spend less time fighting fires and more time on strategic initiatives, but how? Streamlined recruiting makes it easier to make better hiring decisions. Yet at the current development pace, it might seem technology has changed as soon as a new strategy is implemented. Finding, testing, selecting and gaining buy-in for new technology is time consuming and laborious, especially when the people tasked with this are working simultaneously at hiring the best talent.

Real-World Solutions:

Without the right partnership between talent acquisition leaders, IT, and solution providers, finding technology solutions to expedite hiring can be exasperating. There are so many solutions available that it’s impossible to demo and research each one. HCI's new event, the Talent Acquisition Technology Forum, was built to help you not only find the right technology to fit your strategy, but to help you build a case for your selection.

In addition to real case studies from people just like you, you'll meet new partners with the coolest solutions around and get hands-on experience in a no-pressure atmosphere. If you’re a recruiting leader, bring your IT leader; together you can streamline the process by simultaneously looking at solutions from a strategy perspective, and access the feasibility and value of implementation.

We Will Discuss:

  • What organizations can expect from the next generation of talent systems
  • Best practices for evaluating and selecting a talent acquisition solution provider
  • Connecting new technology to the organization’s strategic plan
  • Finding and implementing a holistic system that supports selection to on-boarding
  • Gaining buy-in from leadership using real data
  • Change management
  • The advantages of using social technology
  • Shifting social activity from manual to automatic and record real ROI
  • Solutions for integrating disparate recruitment systems, like video interviewing and CRM

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