November 4-5, 2015 | Los Angeles, CA

Meet the Presenters

Jesper Bendtsen

Executive Vice President of Global Strategy, WilsonHCG

Michael Butler

Sales Solution Architect, Radius Worldwide

Brad Cook

Global Vice President of Talent Acquisition, Informatica

Bill Craib

Senior Vice President of Enterprise Learning, Human Capital Institute (HCI)

Tracy Ferry

Talent Acquisition Strategy and Innovation Lead, Deloitte

Jenny Gizzi

Head of Talent Acquisition, Commercial (US and Worldwide), Bristol-Myers Squibb

Meghan Glidden

Senior Director, Human Resources, Belkin

Neal Hardin

Vice President, Global Talent Acquisition, Activision Blizzard

Melissa Harper

Vice President of Global Talent Acquisition, HR Compliance, and Chief Diversity Officer, Monsanto Company

Julie Hodges

Head of Talent Acquisition, Senior Vice President of Human Resources and Diversity and Inclusion, Walt Disney Company

Gregory Karanastasis

Vice President of Global Talent Acquisition, Integrated Talent Management, Pitney Bowes

Greg Karr

Executive Vice President, Seven Step RPO

Anne Kirwan

Managing Director, Upwardly Global

Eileen Kovalsky

Head of Global Operations, Talent Acquisition, Bristol-Myers Squibb

Cameron Laker

CEO & Co-founder, Mindfield Group

Nick Mailey

Vice President, Talent Acquisition, Intuit

Brandon Moreno

Director, Global Talent Acquisition, Herbalife

Jill O'Connell

Vice President of Talent Management, Fidelity

Brenda Rigney

Former Vice President, People Operations, Earls Kitchen + Bar

Lori Russo

Head of Global Talent Acquisition, TripAdvisor

Quinn Thompson-Slaughter

Director, Global Diversity and Talent Acquisition, International Paper

Kia Walker

Head of Talent Acquisition, SolarCity

Jeremy Wilson

Lead Talent Operations Analyst, REI

Judy Chin Wong

Vice President, Global Talent Acquisition, Gartner