June 27-28, 2016 | New York City, NY

Jump Start Your 2016 Revenue with HCI’s 2016 Performance Management Innovation Conference

As you consider your 2016 marketing plan, you need to carefully choose how you spend your marketing dollars. HCI wants to help you connect with your target audience by sponsoring our 2016 Performance Management Innovation Conference. Taking place in June in New York City, this conference is a priority for senior human resources executives to ensure they have the right talent acquisition plan in place.

HCI’s 2016 Performance Management Innovation Conference is the premier annual event for human capital, talent management and recruiting leaders. It attracts a senior, early-adopting, decision-making audience interested in the latest technologies, services and solutions for strategic recruiting and line management.

Underwriter Opportunities

Projected Attendees: Vice Presidents, Directors and other senior-level executives in strategic human resources, recruitment and staffing, organizational development, HR technologies and business planning

Premier Underwriter

The Premier Sponsor will have a chance to showcase their unique insight into employee engagement and serve as the event’s lead underwriter and partner:

  • Premier branding
  • Opening remarks
  • Session
  • Reception sponsor
  • An extensive allotment of passes for senior clients

Diamond Underwriter

Maximum branding, prestigious thought leadership opportunities, and conference-wide recognition.

  • Present a client case study
  • Extensive pre and post branding
  • Exhibit table top

Platinum Underwriter

Platinum sponsors receive branding and passes for senior clients, and can choose one of the below options on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Post-conference download center
  • Best practice interviews
  • Keynote session spotlight
  • Invitation-only, private luncheon
  • Global social media sponsor
  • WiFi sponsor
  • Networking bingo card sponsor
  • Registration, lanyard, badges, welcome bag or
  • Key card
  • Exhibit table top

Gold Underwriter

Gold sponsor receive branding, a limited number of passes for senior clients, full conference access and exhibit table top.