2016 Performance Management Innovation Conference


At Management: Possible® we believe that your people are the heart and soul of your business. We believe that workplace relationships matter and that everyone you hire is not just an investment, but an extension of your mission. We believe your management team is responsible for a crucial amount of the heavy lifting that makes your company a screaming success. And for many in business, your management team is the critical force that inspires and supports your singular competitive advantage – the performance of your employees.

If you don’t already have it, let’s build that passion, that understanding, that drive. Let’s build management and leadership capability with comprehensive and amazingly personalized training and development experiences – that not only build the critical skills you need – they forge stronger relationships, drive tighter accountability and create the awesome culture you want.

We believe it’s your people who make the difference – who bring you success, who bring your growth, who are your potential, who achieve your vision.
Don’t just be in business. Be brilliant. Be bad-ass. Be “the bomb!”
We are here to take your adequate, your outstanding, your top-notch, high-performing management and leadership potential and make it possible.

Our mission is a simple one. We are agents of change. We have successful track record, built over over twenty years. We train multi-level management individuals and teams nationally and globally. We are experts in learning design, development and delivery. We train and coach programs that are practical and tactical – building confidence and know-how. Organizational impact is immediate. Performance lift is visible.

ProFinda is an intelligent collaboration platform used by corporate and community organisations to increase the speed and relevance of connections between members. It uses Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing to learn about people and then ‘matches’ them to problems and opportunities.

The benefit of this employee-centric approach is greater adoption and usage, leading to more and better quality data which in turn leads to better more evidence based workforce decisions. Over time ProFinda can lead to predictive business intelligence and strategic workforce planning as well as true cultural transformation. ProFinda is the future of work'


Fierce is a global leadership development and training company that transforms the way companies communicate and connect with their employees and their customers. We partner with our clients to build conversational skills that result in high levels of candor, engagement, innovation, cross-boundary collaboration, and accountability at all levels within the organization.


HighGround offers the first HR cloud platform designed for the employee to help companies build highly engaged cultures through real-time recognition and continuous feedback. By using HighGround, employees are empowered to recognize peers daily and contribute to their own career path and companies can more effectively capture the voice of the employee and turn annual performance reviews into meaningful, ongoing coaching sessions. With an inspired workforce able to reach its full potential and visibility into organizational health, HighGround customers, such as Cision, Patagonia, Echo Global Logistics and Allianz can increase employee retention, productivity, customer satisfaction, and ultimately drive bottom line results.


87% of companies want to change their performance management system, don't do it alone. Be agile, be Intuo:

Let your people thrive at work, translate your company's mission into agile objectives, facilitate continuous feedback, ongoing employee engagement and deliver ongoing training.

No more dreaded performance reviews but coaching for performance.

Join companies like Wunderman, Thomas Cook and Fagron:


Reflektive is the modern performance management suite for today’s best places to work. The Reflektive suite makes it easy for HR leaders to launch and manage lightweight performance reviews, check-ins, and real-time feedback programs integrated into the daily workflows of managers and employees. Reflektive’s mission is to increase engagement and productivity by empowering your most important resource – your employees – with the tools they need to coach and develop their direct reports while also achieving their greatest potential as managers, leaders, and individual contributors.

Reflektive’s clients include Pinterest, Comcast, Glassdoor, Instacart, Optimizely, and hundreds of additional innovative companies that put their employee’s first. The Reflektive suite is highly flexible, enabling clients to maintain existing performance management processes as they transition to real-time feedback and lightweight check-ins at the right candance for the business and its culture. Reflektive is based in San Francisco, California. For more information, visitwww.reflektive.com.

The number one goal at TalentFirst is to help organizations fully ENGAGE their employees in order to achieve superior business results. TalentFirst provides the right tools to encourage continuous communication and coaching, enable real-time feedback and recognition, and keep managers, employees and teams actively connected and focused on achieving their goals. For almost 20 years, we have worked with clients of various sizes and across many industries to deliver highly valued talent management solutions. In partnering with our clients, we were able to identify a need for better technology to support ever changing and growing Talent Management initiatives which led to the development of the TalentFirst software solution.
TalentFirst supports an agile approach to performance management placing emphasis on coaching, communication, linkage to training, focusing on strengths, and collaboration. Unlike traditional performance management platforms it is a tool intended to equally benefit the employee as well as manager by providing and interactive tool to increase employee engagement while enhancing performance and productivity

Pay Compliment is a complete feedback platform for performance review, in the moment feedback and customer feedback.

We make it simple for managers, peers and other stakeholders such as customers to provide meaningful 2-way feedback for any individual, team, product or service that you choose.

Pay Compliment uses neuroscience to foster social connection within and beyond your organisation, bridging relationship gaps created through self-service, remote work and the gig economy.

When everything in life is instant we help organisations move away from traditional annual reviews and periodic customer surveys to embrace the opportunities of real-time feedback and continuous engagement.