Drive Innovation and Growth with Cognitive Diversity

Embracing an inclusive culture will boost your bottom line. According to research by McKinsey diverse organizations outperform their more homogenous counterparts by 35%. [1] Moving beyond just gender, race and sexual orientation, true diversity is achieved when diverse perspectives, education and experiences come together. Embracing a mix of inherent and acquired diversity, “employees are 70% more likely than those at non-diverse publicly traded companies to report having captured a new market in the last year and 45% more likely to report having grown market share. [2]”

However, standard diversity practices aren’t working. Reported in a recent HBR research article, Harvard and Tel Aviv academics collated data from 800 US firms over 30 years concluded, “Diversity programs aren’t increasing diversity.” [3] One example—among many—of stagnate or declining diversity, Fortune found that, amongst CEOs the percentage of women is in decline, this year alone dropped to 4.2%—a mere 21 women CEOs out of the 500. [4]

This disconnect lies largely in the fact that most organizations haven’t done the work necessary to create a collaborative, inclusive culture. Organizations need to embed diversity and inclusion into every aspect of the employee lifecycle—hiring, onboarding, performance management, development and learning.

Join us for the debut of the HCI Inclusive Diversity Conference and hear from thought-leaders who have shifted the focus from checkboxes, ineffectual training and annual rankings to a transparent system in which leaders and employees are engaged and accountable.

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