2017 Workforce Planning & Analytics Conference

Meet Our Speakers

Meet the Speakers

Iris Bohnet

Professor of Economics, Harvard University, and author of “What Works”

Gustavo Canton

Senior Director of Research, Global People Analytics, Walmart, Inc.

John Callery

Global Head of Workforce Strategy, BNY Mellon

Ian Cook

Head of Workforce Solutions, Visier Inc.

Bill Craib

Senior Vice President of Enterprise Learning, Human Capital Institute (HCI)

Susan DeFazio

Principal and Supervising Consultant, Kelly Outsourcing & Consulting Group (KellyOCG)

Kathy Doan

Vice President, Community Banking HR Insights & Analysis Group, Wells Fargo Bank

David Forman

Chief Learning Officer Emeritus, Human Capital Institute (HCI) and author of "Fearless HR"

William Johnson

Managing Director, Psychological Skills for Professional Services

Jill Kahabka

Vice President of Finance for Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center, Aurora Health Care

Gregory Karanastasis

VP, Global Head of Talent Acquisition & Strategic Workforce Planning, Pitney Bowes

Adrienne Lo

HR Strategy, Planning & Analytics, AstraZeneca

Robert Motion

Director, Workforce Planning and Strategy, Intelligence, Information and Services, Raytheon Company

Ernest Ng, Ph.D.

Senior Director, Employee Success, Salesforce

Jason Noreiga

Diversity Talent Analytics Team, Chevron

Chirag Padalia

Director, Workforce Strategy & Analytics, Aurora Health Care

Douglas Shagam

Vice President, Innovation and Quality, The Nielsen Company

Dr. John Sullivan

Professor of Management, Speaker, Author