HCI Masters Workgroups

Practicum Outlines

The creation of an outline is the first important step in the practicum process. After going through both the Human Capital Strategist or Strategic Workforce Planning course and it’s corresponding Masters level class (MHCS or MSWP,) students meet with their faculty advisor and create an outline of their business practicum. The outline is expected to offer a summation of the business issue at hand, describe a series of steps that will lead to the solution to the problem along with a time frame for these steps and an early look at expected outcomes and measures of success. The following represent practicum outlines recently presented in the Masters Workgroup meetings.


Final Practicums

Unlike the practicum outline, which is expected to frame an issue and potential solutions, a Final Practicum that delivers the MHCS or MSWP designation should spell out in detail how a problem will be solved, or in some cases, has already been addressed. This should include the folllowing

  • A demonstration of the background of the issue: why there was a problem, who was affected
  • The steps and timeline involved in solving the problem
  • The key stakeholders involved
  • Success Metrics that define the scope of the solution
  • Next Steps required

This presentation is made before a group of peers at one of the regular HCI Masters Workgroup meetings. The following represent final presentations delivered recently at the Masters Workgroup meetings.