Applying Strategic Workforce Planning


Build on the SWP

Strategic Workforce Planning is one of the most sought after skills in talent management today. But even as organizations around the world devote time and effort to understand this critical discipline, they are arriving at an important conclusion — the secret to gaining strategic advantage through workforce planning efforts lies in the ability to implement strategic workforce plans and go beyond theory.

Your Company — Your Team — Your Results

Applying SWP gathers your team for an intensive one-day working session to jump-start the workforce planning process in your organization. The course, which is available only for private corporate trainings, allows your team to focus on the most difficult and strategic aspects of workforce planning: role segmentation, the environmental scan and futuring.  As with all HCI courses, Applying SWP comes with a Participants Guide and Toolkit and addresses the following critical areas:

  • How to move beyond the use of Workforce Analytics and Operational Workforce Planning to true Strategic Workforce Planning
  • Where the biggest risks and surprises in the Environment Scanning process are and how to avoid them
  • What criteria to use in selecting a targeted future state
  • Which stakeholders will need to be involved internally to ensure the success of workforce planning efforts and how to garner their commitment
  • HCI Performance Model

Putting Workforce Planning to Work

Great organizations understand that the future is not merely an extension of the present. Change is predictable only in the surety that it will happen. The only question is how we react to it. Are we complacent and content to let whatever happens, happen, or do we try to shape and prepare for a different future? The new HCI Applying SWP workshop allows advanced organizations to “see around corners” and prepare for many possible futures.

For more information or to register, please contact Shane Lennon at 866.538.1909 x1904.