HR Training and Education

Career Benefits

HCI's Human Capital Strategist (HCS/MHCS) name, logo and emblems are recognized worldwide as proof of expertise in Human Capital and Strategic Talent Management, and earning the HCS Certification and MHCS Designation are significant career achievements that deserve recognition in the marketplace.

Adding the HCS/MHCS brand to your resume signals that you are a progressive leader at the forefront of a critical new business science, demonstrates your grasp of strategic concepts and your passion for change and transformation. HCI provides the following tools to help you maximize the personal career value of the MHCS/HCS brand:

Personal Brand

We encourage HCS/MHCS graduates to communicate their achievement and commitment to the science of Talent Management within their organization, and to peers, clients and the public. Alumni are provided with  trademarked logos for the HCS Certification and MHCS Designation, sized for use on Websites, letterhead and business cards.

Personal Media and PR

HCI provides HCS/MHCS Alumni with an HCI press release template, style guide and media directory. We encourage graduates to notify local press, their trade publications and selected blogs about this career achievement.

Professional Directory

HCS/MHCS graduates may choose to be listed in HCI'S Human Capital Strategist Directory. This is a resource available to the general public at the HCI Online Talent Communities.

MHCS Presentations

MHCS Designees may be invited to publish or present their business case practicums as a feature of the HCI Online Talent Communities, as a Webcast, or in HCI Conferences or Executive Workgroups.