Coaching-Centered Enterprise (CCE)

Course Outline

Phase 1: DEFINE – What is a Culture of Coaching?
Module Key Topics
Introduction to Coaching

Defining coaching
What is successful coaching?
The three coaching modalities (internal, external, and managers/leaders using coaching skills)
Coaching vs. other interventions (consulting, mentoring, counseling)
Types of coaching interactions

Culture of Coaching

Defining a coaching culture
Key points from Drucker
Hawkins’ strategy for coaching culture
Organizational rationale
Action Planning: What will you do?

Coaching, Development and Performance

How coaching supports talent management
Performance management case study
Action planning: What will you do?

Business Impact of a Coaching Culture

Key insights from HCI-International Coach Federation (ICF) 2016 research
Impacts and benefits
Value proposition Impact case study

Managers Using Coaching Skills

Managers and leaders using coaching skills
Coaching conversations in action
ICF Core Competencies for coaching
Coaching behaviors, actions, and outputs
A personalized and flexible view: What is good coaching?
Scenario-based role play

Phase 2: DESIGN – What Infrastructure is Right for your Organization?
Module Key Topics
Coaching Skills Assessment

Readiness diagnostic
Training and support for a coach approach
Action planning: What will you do?

A Coaching-Centered Approach to Talent Management

Considerations for selecting a strategy
HCI’s model for a coaching-centered enterprise
Action planning: What will you do?

Phase 3: DEVELOP – How to Implement a Coaching Culture
Module Key Topics
Coaching Culture Realities

Challenges and barriers to implementation
Risk assessment
Mitigation strategies

Driving Adoption of a Coaching Culture

Impact of a culture shift
Change management
Communication plan
Stakeholder identification
Coaching culture business case
Role play: Value statements

Activating a Coaching Culture

Considerations and practical tips for taking action
Successful implementation case study
Action Planning: What will you do?
Feedback on action plans
Toolkit Review