Engagement, Collaboration and Retention

A Post-graduate Degree in HR Strategy

The systematic ability to engage, collaborate, and retain the best talent is the single most reliable predictor of success, and arguably the most important strategic capability required to achieve and sustain market leadership. The Strategies for Improving Engagement, Collaboration, and Retention Course can help organizations:

  • Identify, control and manage the financial and cultural impact of disengaged employees throughout their organization
  • Break down fiefdoms and silos to implement sustainable working collaborative groups for innovation initiatives
  • Identify, control and manage the financial and cultural impact of meaningful turnover
  • Transform industrial-era command and control management practices into flatter, networked models

Supporting Tools and Resources

The ECR Participant Course Guide is a unique resource, containing almost 70 pages of tools, templates, tactics, and workspace that provide immediate value, and drive faster implementation of course concepts. Selected highlights include:

  • The 2 T’s with Key Performance Indicators
  • The 12 C’s
  • Industry Examples: Hindustan Unilever, HCL Technologies, Zappos, Southwest
  • The Human Capital Advantage Value Chain
  • The 70/20/10 Rule
  • The Three Performance Zones
  • Talent Leaders Matrix
  • The Four Dimensions of MCC
  • HCI Performance Model

The Best Workforce Wins

A decade of research has proven that a talent-centric culture and effective talent management practices surrounding engagement and retention dramatically increase performance, productivity and financial return. ECR graduates return to the workplace with new paradigms, new ideas, and tools to put into practice the intellect, creativity and agility of their teams and their workforce.

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