Strategic Talent Leadership


Strategic Talent Leadership (STL) will focus on the tools needed to attract, develop, deploy and retain the best workforce in your industry. HCI’s new course, Strategic Talent Leadership will unlock the secrets to effective talent management and is built specifically for a management audience.

Strategic Talent Leadership will discuss the changing roles of a manager in the 21st century organization. It will identify the new competencies for managers as talent leaders and how to implement a high performance culture. Specifically Strategic Talent Leadership will cover seven skills that are required for talent leadership and synthesize the latest research on new talent leader roles, metrics and accountabilites.

STL Outcomes

Become a Talent Leader
Successful organizations today have leaders at all levels. Leadership is about behavior, not title or position; and one of the most critical roles a leader can play is in hiring, engaging, developing and retaining top talent. The manager as talent leader creates a cycle of value that ripples throughout the organization. Learn the seven key talent leadership skills that are accomplished in high performance organizations.

Make the Transition to Managing Others
The value that a manager brings to an organization is the performance of the people that he or she manages; it is no longer the individual contributions of the manager that count. This is not an easy personal transition to make because it enters uncertain and unfamiliar grounds, but there are tools and techniques that can help speed this critical transition both for the manager and the organization.

Engage Each Employee
A decade of research documents the importance of engagement but managers do not know how to improve engagement levels of their employees. Increasingly, managers are being held accountable for engaging and retaining top talent, and they are often at a loss for how to do this. Learn powerful yet simple tools and practices that can have a measurable impact on employees and the organization.

Architect Learning Experiences
The workplace is the most powerful learning laboratory, and yet few managers know how to use this invaluable resource to further develop their employees. Understand how different coaching strategies and workplace experiences can move employees from their comfort zone to their learning zone.

Reward Excellence
Talent leaders have a powerful tool that can help to change culture, live the organization’s values, and achieve the mission. Both formal and informal recognition programs are very effective ways to shape behavior and reward exemplary performance. Useful techniques such as the recognition log can help to advance the behavior of individuals and organizations.

Unleash Passion
Many employees feel stuck in their careers and that their strengths are not being utilized in their current roles. This feeling leads to an isolation and alienation from the company and what it is trying to achieve. Learn about ways to maximize people’s strengths, optimize their impact, improve line of sight to the organization’s mission and move from a job to a career to a calling.

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