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Inclusive Diversity Resource Center

Making Diversity and Inclusion Part of Everyday Culture

Transform your organization's culture... every day.

Thank you for attending HCI's 2019 Inclusive Diversity Conference!

We've curated this collection of content related to our conference theme to help you dig a little deeper and begin to apply what you've learned back on the job. Plus, don't miss a free e-book download courtesy of Amazon Business Services!

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Courtesy of Amazon: Free eBook

HCI is excited to partner with Amazon on this giveaway! With Amazon’s business-friendly eBook solution, companies can order one or hundreds of eBooks from Kindle’s massive selection and deliver to teams of any size in minutes. Learn more about developing your workforce or inspiring event attendees with eBooks at www.amazon.com/ebooksforbusiness.

The Highlight Reel: Presentations from Previous Conferences

This is our third year hosting the Inclusive Diversity Conference in San Francisco! Every year, we are honored to feature speakers from groundbreaking organizations that are going the extra mile to foster diversity and inclusion. Explore what Starbucks, Pinterest and the Peace Corps had to say on the topic at our 2017 and 2018 events.

Watch, Listen, Read: Even More to Explore


D&I Data Sources that Inspire

February 26, 2019 | Amanda Reid | HCI

Finding inspiration for D&I strategies can take many forms. Explore sources of data driven inspiration for your next D&I strategy session within your workplace with these recommendations from Amanda Reid of Cummins (2019 event presenter).