2017 HCInnovation@Work Conference

Creating an Engaging Employee Experience from Hire to Retire

October 24-26, 2017 | Scottsdale, AZ

Please note that the times reflected in this agenda are listed in the time-zone where the event takes place.
For this event, the time-zone is Mountain Time Zone.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

9:00-10:00 AM
Dan Pink, Author of 5 provocative books including #1 NY Times bestseller, "Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us"
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We all know that timing is everything, but too often we consider timing out of our control – a matter of intuition, circumstance, and luck. In his provocative and entertaining presentation, Daniel Pink, New York Times bestselling author of Drive and A Whole New Mind, will change your mind – and change your practices along with it.

Pink will show that timing is actually a science, one that HR executives can use to transform the employee experience. Drawing on a rich body of research from his upcoming book, Pink will examine the many “when” questions that organizations confront.  He’ll show why employee performance sinks at certain times of the day – and how to better match what people do with when they do it. He’ll look at exciting new science showing the power of breaks – and why lunch (not breakfast) might be the most important meal of the day. He’ll explore why midpoints – of projects and careers – sometimes fire us up and other times bring us down. And he’ll examine how group timing affects both organizational outcomes and employee satisfaction – including what amateur singers and Mumbai lunch deliverers can teach us about working in synchrony.  You’ll leave with a fresh perspective on your work and an array of practical tips to put those ideas into action.

You will learn:

  • How to optimize the timing of evemts within the employee experience to fully engage the workforce
  • How the midpoints of projects and careers affects employee satisfaction
  • An assortment of practical tips that will influence the design and execution of the employee experience blueprint
10:40-11:15 AM
Angela Heyroth, Managing Director, Employee Experience, Learning & Development, Charles Schwab
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The best development programs create an experience, and experiences don’t just happen – they must be masterfully architected.  Hear how Angela Heyroth has positioned Charles Schwab’s firm-wide learning programs into architected experiences that connect to hearts and minds, drive engagement, accelerate growth, and maximize potential.  She’ll showcase how thinking holistically across the employee lifecycle, collaborating strategically cross-firm,  and connecting the programs with key signature elements, ultimately builds transformative experiences.  You’ll understand how her team thoughtfully plans, designs, constructs, and actively manages blended experiences ranging from onboarding and culture assimilation to career development and then on to leader and executive development.  Since the world’s best architectural feats are often viewed as cultural touchstones, Angela will help you begin readying to move beyond stand-alone programs to your own architected masterpieces!

You will learn:

  • How to design a great employee development experience that engages across the employee lifecycle
  • Who to consider aligning with and best practices for connecting core partners across the firm
  • What strengths and competencies are needed in professionals who build complex employee programs
11:15-11:25 AM
Jason Lauritsen, Workforce Culture Expert and Author
Ben Eubanks, Author of "Artificial Intelligence for HR", Lighthouse Research and Advisory
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How many times do you attend events, take a lot of notes, but then fail to put them into place when you return to work?  This session is designed to break that cycle by giving you the chance to apply real-world “hacking” techniques to your biggest HR challenges and problems.  Through this creative destruction, we will break some of our old thinking, create new solutions, and then share our work with the other attendees at the end of the event. If you are an innovative leader that needs a creative outlet or if want to do some hands-on work, then join us in the workgroup!

You will learn:

  • The backbones of running a hackathon and how this drives innovation
  • How to apply hackathons to the workplace with experiential learning exercises
  • The process of creative deconstruction in creating new more efficient solutions
  • The potency of applying a hacking mindset to your work
  • A simple four-step process of hacking that can be easily learned and applied to foster creativity and innovation
  • New insights and ideas for how to improve the impact of your efforts
11:35-12:10 PM

Concurrent Presentation

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Rewards and recognition is something that seems simple in theory, but in practice, it requires commitment, consistency and transparency from the leaders to be impactful. In this session, we will discuss how to create an effective rewards and recognition program built on the solid foundation of your organization’s core values. We will discuss the relationship between rewards and recognition—noting that while they are not the same, they are also not mutually exclusive. Finally, we will delve into the complex nature of a thorough recognition program, explaining the three tiers of recognition and why each one is essential to efficacy. With each of these components, we will provide real-life, actionable suggestions for improving rewards and recognition in your organization.

You will learn:

  • How to leverage your core values in building an impactful rewards and recognition program
  • How to implement recognition at the individual, team, and company levels
  • How to differentiate between rewards and recognition
1:10-1:55 PM
Crystal Taggart, Robotic Process Automation Architect and Author of “The AI Revolution: The Future of Profit“
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The robots are coming. By 2020 75% of organizations will implement AI projects and these technologies will transform organizations. By 2023 it's expected that AI will be as smart as a person. By 2045 it's expected that AI will be smarter than all brains combined on earth.

Imagine instantly having 20-30% more capacity on your teams through robotic process automation. Imagine having every decision in your department reviewed and measured by AI programs. These technologies are closer than you think and are readily available today. JP Morgan developed an AI solution that saved 360,000 hours of work annually previously performed by attorneys in less than 3 years. Lowes is rolling out robots in California that assist shoppers and scan merchandise inventory levels. Julie, Amtrak's customer service bot resulted in a 25% increase in bookings at a savings of $1m annually. The AI age is upon us.

You’ll learn:

  • The state of AI and robotic process automation today
  • How HR leaders should prepare as jobs are automated in their organizations
  • About the bias in AI and how it can affect your organization's decisions
  • The Industries and careers that will be early adopters of AI
  • The issues to be aware of as companies implement AI technologies
  • AI case studies: the good, the bad, and the ugly
2:00-2:35 PM


Debra Burton, Director, Global Mobility Centre of Expertise, Grant Thornton International Ltd
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Employee mobility is no longer just a “buzzword”. And it no longer refers only to international assignments or rising up internally through the management ranks. Today’s talent – who will be tomorrow’s leaders – no longer views mobility as a privilege, but as an expectation. To compete for this top talent, and to develop them into future leaders, companies must find a way to integrate employee mobility into their overall talent strategy.

Join us for this compelling keynote as we share key insights about employee mobility. Find out how companies large and small can use various mobility strategies to attract, develop and retain talent.

You will learn:
- The various types of internal and global mobility opportunities for companies to leverage and enhance employee development and engagement
- Examples of creative mobility solutions for high-performing and also “flight risk” employees
- Actionable employee mobility strategies to use, from hire to retire
- Suggestions to inject adoption of employee mobility into your company

4:00-5:00 PM
Joe DeLoss, Head Fryer and Founder, Hot Chicken Takeover
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What came first, the chicken or the.... employment? Joe DeLoss has set out to build a fried chicken empire – but he’s not a chef, he didn’t intend to be a restaurateur; Joe is an entrepreneur passionate about human resources and the impact it can have on someone’s life. DeLoss’s company, Hot Chicken Takeover, provides employment to nearly 200 men and women, almost 70% of whom have been previously impacted by incarceration or a criminal record.

Joe’s team, made up of many deemed unemployable, has set a new standard for engagement, retention, and enthusiasm. In a job category wrought with volatility and turnover, their approach is yielding uncommon results – profitable for both employee and employer. In this keynote, Joe will debunk the myths associated with their Fair Chance employment approach and offer practical strategies for engaging diverse, entry-level workforces.
You will learn:

  • How Hot Chicken Takeover approaches hiring and onboarding
  • How benefits can be better aligned to the needs of an entry-level workforce
  • How to get started with Fair Chance employment

Thursday, October 26, 2017

9:00-9:45 AM
Garry O. Ridge, President and Chief Executive Officer, WD-40
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It’s often said, with nods of wise agreement, that any organization is nothing without its people.  Countless books and courses on leadership, over many decades, address this well-known and accepted axiom.

Then why are nearly 70% of all employees in the U.S. disengaged at work?  Clearly, the conferences, books, courses and motivational speakers are insufficient to make a difference.

This session by WD-40 Company CEO Garry Ridge will be a look “under the hood” of one of the world’s most recognized brands, where employee engagement is above 93%, 98% say they “love to work at WD-40 Company”, and 99% say that their “opinions and values are a good fit” for WD-40 Company.  This high engagement has resulted in a company that has doubled in revenue in the last decade, and is on a trajectory to double again in the next.

Garry will share his company’s “learning moments” over the course of his efforts to transform the company’s culture, beginning in 1997.

You will learn:

  • The personal journey of every servant leader, and why that philosophy is critical
  • The emotional connection of a greater purpose that creates high engagement
  • How to carefully and consciously choose values that will be embedded in all aspects of leadership and employee development
  • Why investing in people who invest in themselves is a secret to succession planning and greater organizational capability
  • The difference between a “team” and a “tribe”, and why WD-40 Company strove to create a cohesive tribe that spans 15 countries where employees work
  • How company performance results are directly connected to its focus on people
9:50-10:25 AM
Paul W. Davies, Employee Experience Leader, GE
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We will discuss how GE’s approach to employee experience enables people to achieve the best work of their lives through thoughtfully curated moments that matter. In this session, Paul will discuss how GE is focusing on the Employee Experience by focusing on those moments that matter to their +290,000 employees around the world.

Paul will also share a range of initiatives such as FastWorks (helping GE employees develop the skills to think & act like a startup), GE’s decision to move away from annual performance ratings, and machine learning as it relates to careers and succession planning.  He will also touch on the role of culture, tools & technology, and the physical workspace play in the overall experience and how the use of people analytics is delivering productivity to the business.

You will learn:

  • The role culture plays in the new Digital Industrial transformation
  • The tools and technology GE is currently utilizing to improve their employee engagement
  •  Valuable insights on how to create physical workspace design for collaboration
  • The ways GE is applying analytics to improve employee productivity
11:50-12:25 PM


Keynote Presenter:
Donna Kimmel, Senior Vice President and Chief People Officer, Citrix
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The future of work is all about change at an unprecedented pace. As organizations evolve, how does HR continue to improve the employee experience from hire to retire? For starters, we can make it easier for HR to thrive and the business to depend on HR’s leadership and expertise.

Donna Kimmel, SVP and Chief People Officer, at Citrix will share key insights behind success during transformations and lessons learned when things didn’t go according to plan. Find out her secret weapon for navigating change at all levels of the organization and building a strong HR function in the process.

You will learn:

  • How to calculate True North: Tips for building a strategy to ensure successful comprehensive people and organizational solutions in any environment
  • How to chase simplification, not perfection: True simplification is never achieved.  As people and businesses innovate, learn how to take a critical eye to our systems, practices and protocols
  • What lies ahead for HR and how can we prepare today for the future of work
1:25-2:00 PM


Keynote Presenter:
John Stix, Co-Founder, Fibernetics Telecom
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As an authority on building an effective culture and developing highly motivated teams through real experience and practice, John will share the challenges and the blockers that come with shifting a workplace culture.  Discover the massive opportunities that exist when a company is able to successfully execute on culture change.

“Engagement is when we all feel an authentic connection to purpose.”  The employee experience is grounded on leaders who are positive and empowering so let’s break down the stigma associated with leaders being closed off and impenetrable. It’s okay for us to not be perfect. We are human beings. By expressing thoughts that matter, on issues that matter, we are in essence showing the truest expression of ourselves. Thus, we are leading naturally, which allows others to feel safe enough to follow and explore inward.

What you will learn from this session:

  • A clear understanding of the link between individual well-being and engagement
  • Techniques you can employ to start a culture change
  • Effective strategies to become a positive leader
2:20-3:00 PM
Chris Bray, Ph.D., Author, and Researcher, NeuroLeadership Institute
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Now, more than ever, leaders and employees across the organization crave research-based solutions to guide them through constant change. Dr. Bray will outline how the science of motivation, influence and habit formation integrated with neuroscience is breaking new ground in the way employees experience and successfully navigate change.

You will learn:

  • How to predict, regulate, and explain unwanted behaviors and emotional reactions
  • What drives meaningful and sustaining behavior change for both an employee and an organization
  • How to help your employees successfully navigate change