40+ Insights from Your Peers - Where and How to Invest Resources to Improve Employee Performance

March 21, 2016 | Computer Generated Solutions, Inc. | Computer Generated Solutions, Inc.
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Survey Says:

There’s a lot of work to do this year!

We’ve poured over responses from nearly 200 departmental business leaders and learning and development professionals who took the time to share their insights on the top trends, issues, challenges 
and market developments being faced by organizations today.  

In this report, your peers reveal:

  • Where business are spending their resources in 2016
  • How that spend aligns with their business goals
  • What challenges are keeping them up at night
  • Which learning channels will actually be used to achieve their organizational performance goals
  • How all of these issues are affected by the undercurrent of uncertainty in the economy

This 22-page report provides a unique and valuable deep dive into the issues that drive performance, retention, skills development and revenue.