7 goals or 1 team? What Brazil Learned from the World Cup

September 15, 2014 | Joana Viana, Business Analyst, Hay Group Brazil | Hay Group
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Two months ago, I wrote a blog about the passion us Brazilians have for football and what the World Cup means to us. I mentioned our internal logistics for hosting the tournament and how schools and businesses would close so that everyone could revel in the excitement of our games. I think you probably know what’s coming next…

Just imagine our disappointment when our World Cup dreams came to an abrupt halt when, in the semi-final match, Germany scored (an admittedly impressive) 5 goals in the opening 30 minutes and another 2 in the second half. Overnight, the World Cup went from the hot topic of conversation to something of a taboo!

Overcoming the grief

As the weeks have passed, I’ve realized that there are actually some important learnings that we can take away from our heavy defeat.

Brazil has a well-known saying that explains what, as I understand it, was the main issue in our semi-final:

“Argentina has Messi; Brazil, Neymar Jr; Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo; and Germany has a team”. And behaving as a true team is what allowed Germany to score 7 goals during a 90 minutes match.