Avoiding Groundhog Day

February 2, 2015 | KellyOCG
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Many firms struggle to find top talent. This isn’t a new problem, but solving it can be an enigma. The talent is out there, learn how to break the code and find more than your fair share.

A new talent landscape

The inventor Charles Kettering once said, “a problem well stated is half solved,” so here’s how we define the problem.

  • An organization’s supply of talent acquisition resources (recruiters) is built to support a business plan
  • However, for many reasons, business plans often change
  • This means the demand for talent (hiring needs) often varies from the original business plan
  • To respond, Talent Acquisition implements countermeasures, but often costs still increase and key performance indicators (KPIs) decline
  • As a result, HR’s focus shifts from executing strategy to managing transactions

Sound familiar?

Given that business-planning cycles are now much shorter and more likely to change, organizations need a far more agile talent acquisition model to keep pace.