The Beauty of Delayed Gratification

September 23, 2013 | Dr. Todd Dewett | HR Examiner
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Our myopic focus on satisfying short-term needs and desires is killing us – both individuals and organizations.  We simply are not good at understanding the beauty of delayed gratification, hard work, patience, and smart risk taking.
The research suggests that those who do understand delayed gratification benefit in signification ways.
At the individual level, people who can’t say no to dessert gain weight.  Those who can’t say no to every single little league game their kids play fail to do the extra work required for promotion.  Those who can’t say no to new things all the time rack up ridiculous debts.  Even worse, they seem so unaware of how they got where they are, they still complain:  there’s not enough money, there’s not enough time, I have bad luck, the boss doesn’t like me!  Boo hoo.