Best Practices For Deploying a Social Intranet

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March 7, 2014 | Harry West | Appirio

In a previous life, I used to run a Product Management team that helped design Talent Management solutions for global businesses. We did a lot of end user research on the types of professionals and casual users that interacted with HR and Talent solutions.
One type of user that really stood out from other HR Professionals was the Recruiter. Recruiting professionals are very often independent or third party agency employees, not direct staff. The nature of their work more closely resembles that of sales professionals than HR professionals – they are constantly making new contacts, and always trying to close. They are often at events, trying to make connections – and when they are mobile, they like all their data to be available immediately on whatever device is in their pocket. One comment from a Recruiter we interviewed several years ago that always stuck with me is,
“Why can’t the recruiting system just work like I bought myself a user so I can keep track of what I need.”
This one comment crystallized for me the importance of designing for end users from the perspective of ‘What’s in it for me?”. We could build the best professional tools for managing open headcount and requisitions, tracking candidacies, reporting and compliance, but the typical recruiter had very different concerns.