Candidate relationship management tech fills recruitment black hole

December 13, 2013 | Emma Snider | Tech Target
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While applicant tracking systems (ATSes) have vastly improved the efficiency of recruiting departments, they also have a distinct downside.
According to speakers at the Human Capital Institute's 2013 Talent Acquisition Technology Forum, held last week in San Francisco, these ubiquitous systems often create a "black hole" for both job applicants and recruiters. After submitting an application, job seekers rarely hear from the company unless they are selected for an interview, and ATSes don't have sufficient functionality for recruiters to use them to stay in touch with high-quality applicants not hired for a specific position.
Candidate relationship management systems can help bridge this gap, according to speakers from companies that have adopted the technology. In addition to explaining the benefits, the session leaders also spoke candidly about pitfalls to avoid and offered tips for effective use.