Competency Based Interview: Scoring and Candidate Recommendations Booklet

January 7, 2014 | Assessment Day
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In this section, we present some example competency based question responses, which 

address the specific competency of the question. These example responses are designed to 

highlight the structure, format, and content of competency based question responses, 

giving you an idea of how best to answer similar questions using your own experiences. The 

responses follow the popular STAR method or responding to competency based interview 

questions, i.e. try to cover: 


Situation – describe the situation you are talking about 

Task – explain what it is you had to achieve 

Action – tell the interviewer what you did to achieve the objective 

Result – what was the outcome of your actions and your evaluation of your actions? 


This section should not be considered a list of ‘model’ answers as countless other responses 

may also be effective. The important factor when responding to competency based 

questions is to have evidence to present from your own individual experience. That being 

said, how you present that information is of vital importance, and will ensure that your skills 

and abilities are well represented in the interview.