Excerpts from Customer Experience Strategy: The Foundation of Employee Experience

March 17, 2014 | Lior Arussy, President and Founder, Strativity Group | 4i, a Strativity Group Media Company
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Customer Experience Strategy: The Complete Guide From Innovation to Execution, written by Strativity President and Founder Lior Arussy, provides a complete strategic and operational framework for organizations and individuals committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences. The book has been gleaned from years of designing and implementing customer experience strategies at organizations around the world.

Employees are at the heart of any organizational transformation. Are you leveraging your complete employee? Are you taping into their passion and desire to help your company succeed?

Throughout the year, we’ll be sharing excerpts from the Customer Experience Strategy chapter entitled “Employee Experience.” You’ll learn why it’s important to innovate your employee experience design, how to nurture your employees so they not only feel passionate about their work but also feel like they have played a part in the development of a company’s strategy, and why your commitment to them will benefit your customers – leading to strategic and financial success.

Learn how to build the foundation of employee experience in this month’s excerpt.