Five Threads II: Integrating Non HR Data

October 24, 2013 | John Sumser | HR Examiner
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Like most functions, organizations and people, the HR Department is buried in new somewhat relevant data. The organization’s management will waste little time before they mandate the discovery of uses for this external data. Recruiting, which is always the most competitive of the HR silos is already trying to make sense of a world that violates our preconceptions.
What used to be private is now public. What used to be assumed is now measured. What used to be implied can now be made literal.
Today’s data tsunami seems to get much of its volume from social media. Services like Dice’s Open Web (or GildEntelo,TalentBin.comHiringSolvedSwoopRemarkableHire) aggregate social data much the way that Indeed aggregates job data. Relentlessly scraping social sites for information about people, these services claim to give the Recruiter deeper and better access to insight about a particular candidate.