Global Trends that Shaped Job Choice, Recruitment and Workplace Performance

March 7, 2014
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The 2013 Kelly Global Workforce Index (KGWI) brought together work and workplace insights sourced from more than 120,000 respondents from 31 countries across the Americas, EMEA and APA C regions.  One of the largest global surveys of its kind, the KGWI sheds light on employee attitudes and behaviors surrounding some of the most pressing modern workplace challenges.
Throughout the year, Kelly Services provided findings from the KGWI across four topics:

  • Employee Engagement and Retention

  • Career Development and Upskilling

  • Workplace Performance

  • Social Media and Technology

This report goes a step further and compiles the findings from each of the topics into a single paper, and also shares insights and observations from across the themes.  The survey takes a historical perspective on some key issues, looking at trend changes in KGWI over the five-year period from 2009, during which some 600,000 responses have been obtained.