Handling Data IV: The Single Code Stack

October 17, 2013 | John Sumser | HR Examiner
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Whether or not your software was built by a single team using clearly defined data elements matters. A whole lot. What seems like an esoteric question turns out to be the difference between endless wars with the same problem and wisdom.
Some commentators will refer to this as the “Integrated Suite” vs. “Best of Breed” argument. That’s how this played out in the early part of the Century. Many of the people who argued for best of breed solutions are now shilling for integrated suites.
The best in breed piece of software is focused on one area (performance, learning, on boarding, recruiting, scheduling, workforce management, payroll, succession planning, compensation). The theory is that a software company is likely to produce a better product if it focuses on one area. The company becomes a subject matter expert by building software in the area.