HR Metrics: Numbers HR Should Be Clambering to Discuss

January 29, 2013 | Franz Gilbert | Around the HR world in 40 days
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This article is going to focus on numbers that HR should be putting in front of executives and investors that really do matter to the business models of most companies. Think of it this way, if you are doing something great from a HR perspective that is making your human capital (your company's assets) better in some way - then don't you think your investors care? Don't think of this from a risk perspective (e.g. you could lose investment) but think of it from a positive perspective - it could make your CFO and Company better due to the ability to have a great Human Capital strategy. Because here is the newsflash - the analyst and investor community are already doing it - they are just guessing. One of previous articles explain how most of a company's stock price has nothing to do with book value - it has to do with what the people are doing.