The Impact of Measurement on Employees Now and in the Future

October 3, 2013 | Michael Haberman | Omega HR Solutions
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As HR drives toward measurement of as much as possible one of the areas impacted is the measurement of employees. We are developing and using measures of merit. One economist thinks that this has bigger implications than just performance in your company. He thinks this will have an impact on employees now and in their future.
Move to meritocracy
Economist Tyler Cowen believes the U.S. is moving toward a meritocracy, where everyone will carry with them the history of their achievements or the lack thereof. In essence we already do that. Resumes and reference checks are basically a portable metric. But Cowen thinks we are going to take it even further. Cowen says:
Everything is rated. Everything will have a Yelp review. And if you’re a worker, there’ll be, like, credit scores. There already are, to some extent. How reliable are you? How many jobs have you had? Have there been lawsuits filed against you? How many traffic tickets? And I think we’re also moving to a world where we measure much more precisely. But we as individuals will quite often find this oppressive.