Large Scale Meeting? Large Scale Learning!

February 26, 2015 | Amanda Young Hickman | Insight Experience
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Most of our clients use business simulations in classroom settings.  Groups of 15 or 25 or even 50 are the norm, and our simulation experiences trigger interesting interactions, great discussion and debate, insights in a business context, and great relationship building.  Participants leave the experience with insights about themselves and their roles.

Several times in the last two years, however, we’ve been asked to create the same impact for a group of 300…

We wondered.  Can we design an engaging, high context experience that gets people talking and engaging in real business issues but at 8-top banquet tables in a ballroom so big that you need three screens to project the PowerPoint slides?

Yes we can, we said…and we did.

Here’s what we learned in case you’re wondering the same thing…