The Last Mile

October 22, 2013
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We have all been there; the workshop was spectacular, the personal learning was deep and profound, the connections with others were life-long, the in-class exercises were amazingly insightful, your leadership development plans were ambitious and sincere. Then, after a few days back on the job, the personal disappointment sets in. It’s not just that the frenetic demands of the real world have distracted you from your commitments. It’s the people. Your team members are not nearly as open to personal change as your classmates and are performing exactly as they always have despite your greatly enhanced sensitivity and nifty new interpersonal skills. Also, unlike your classmates, your colleagues are less than enthusiastic about your generous offerings of in-the-moment, constructive feedback. And, probably worst of all, your boss is not at all like your workshop facilitator. He just doesn’t get you. The new you! He doesn’t see your inner warrior, understand that you now work from a higher calling or even recognize your newly-discovered, extraordinary leadership potential. The organization has not changed. The people have not changed. And, sadly, you have not changed. You have not gone the last mile.