THE RECRUITER'S GUIDE to online job marketing

January 25, 2013 | Joanna Sherriff | Decision Toolbox
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Standing out from the crowd - supercharging your online job openings to target top talent. A job ad is one of the most critical elements in your online recruitment process.
Get your message wrong, use an unfamiliar job title, forget to include key words or
phrases, or post your ad in the wrong place or at the wrong time, and you'll find
yourself with an in-box full of inappropriate resumes. The possibilities for
sabotaging your own online advertising campaign are as numerous as the number
of online job boards available today. Many recruiters are simply unaware of the
common pitfalls that can mean the difference between a flood of mediocre
candidates and attracting great matches for open positions. By using some basic
marketing concepts you can dramatically improve the effectiveness of your
advertising campaigns, reduce your overall investment in ad placements, and
attract the most qualified candidates.

Most of today's top candidates are actively using the Web. To reach them, companies and recruiters need to market themselves correctly.