Recruiters: When Do You Trust Your Gut?

October 21, 2013 | Bob Corlett | HR Examiner
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I run an executive search firm. On a typical search, we’ll review over 600 candidate profiles to put forward 6 candidates for an interview with the client. But even after we’ve ruled out 99% of the potential candidates, some of our clients will take out a pocket knife to further whittle down the interview list because some of the resumes don’t fit their pre-existing mental picture of “the ideal candidate.” (Unlike insurance companies, recruiters cannot just exclude pre-existing mental conditions.)  So we usually hear some variation of, “Hmm, Larry seems a little junior, and Susan comes from a background that just doesn’t seem like it would fit in here, so let’s just schedule the other 4 people.” But despite their objections, we encourage our clients to go ahead and interview the outlier candidates.