Removing the Roadblocks to Employee Experience

June 9, 2014 | Lior Arussy, President and Founder, Strativity Group | 4i, a Strativity Group Media Company
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Passion is the new competitive advantage. Are you leveraging your complete employee?
Employees share an important attribute with customers: they are human. This attribute allows them to connect with customers like no web-based self-service or IVR ever will. Employees can create memorable, positive emotional experiences in customers that win customers over and beat the competition.
For this reason, you must bestow employees the same surprisingly amazing treatment that you deliver to customers to motivate them to excel. You might be able to force employees to process transactions, but you can’t force them to smile sincerely. Learn more in this month’s excerpt from Customer Experience Strategy.
Written by Strativity President and Founder Lior Arussy, Customer Experience Strategy provides a complete strategic and operational framework for organizations and individuals committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences. The book has been gleaned from years of designing and implementing customer experience strategies at organizations around the world.