The State of Mobile Security Maturity

December 28, 2015
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We’ve been hearing for years now that mobile security threats are coming into their own, both in terms of volume and capacity to inflict harm. And certainly we see plenty of evidence of evolving mobile malware strains and new exploits that focus on compromising mobile applications and data.

So, is it time for enterprise mobility to come of age? Is 2015 the year when organizations will move past their fundamental BYOD debates and start discussing more progressive mobile security topics? That is the premise behind this Mobile Security Maturity Survey report. Inspired and sponsored by IBM, which has crafted a new Mobile Security Framework, this study focuses on the four key security pillars of IBM’s structure: The device, content, applications and transactions.

With an eye toward the shape of mobile security in 2015, this study focuses on:

  • Mobile Security Landscape – where are enterprises most vulnerable today?
  • Maturity Level – at which stage of development are these organizations?
  • 2015 Agenda – how will budgets grow, and where will priority investments be made?