Succession Planning Requires Forethought, Sensitivity to Employees' Needs and Concerns

July 3, 2014 | Martin Berman-Gorvine | Bloomberg BNA
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April 22 — It may be only natural for employees in an organization to assume that the current leadership is there to stay, but in fact it's one of human resources' more challenging duties to make sure there is a well-stocked talent pipeline for every managerial position—from the C-suite on down.
“Turnover isn't the enemy—preventable, unplanned turnover is,” Steve Hunt, vice president of customer research at SuccessFactors and SAP Cloud, said in an April 18 interview with Bloomberg BNA. The point of successful succession planning, he added, is “so that when people leave, it doesn't cause massive disruption—because everyone is going to leave [eventually], sure as death and taxes.”