Visual Storytelling: How to Recruit on Social Media with Pictures

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January 8, 2014 | Kirsten Smith, Work4 VP of Marketing | Work4

If you’re a forward-thinking recruiter or employer, you may have already had the foresight to start using your jobs as content on your social media channels—from hashtagged tweets to Facebook updates—however, an effective social recruitment strategy doesn’t simply involve a one-way broadcast of job titles and keywords. 

Social media is about engagement—telling a story in such a way that it inspires others to take action, whether that action is to “like” or “favorite” your post, share it with someone else, or click on a link. A truly savvy social recruiter knows that job descriptions are a great opportunity for engaging storytelling: your job posts can tell the story of your company culture, can sell the experience of working in this particular  position or for your particular company or in your particular location, and can inspire someone to imagine themselves taking on a role.