We Don’t Need a Stinkin’ Plan

October 29, 2013 | William Uranga | HR Examiner
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I had it all planned out.  An extended September weekend backpacking with my oldest son (our first trip together) along with a couple of neighbors – It was going to be great.  Skyline-to-the-Sea is a great Bay Area trail with views, moderate elevation gain (and loss) and diverse micro climates.  I made the reservations, created a Google doc, listing gear, food, who was carrying what items and everything was measured to the ounce.  Oh, yes, I had it all planned out.
What upended everything was the “light rain” turning into an outright deluge about 9 miles into the trip on our first day out.  Rain shells for jackets and hats that we had packed were fine, but the sopping socks and squishy shoes, the deep muddy rutted trails, and the numbness made continuing impossible.  It was still a fun adventure, but we bailed on the trip.