What Can Be Measured, Can Be Improved: Taking a Closer Look at Your Candidate Recruiting Experience

March 30, 2015 | Maria Rosploch & Thomas F. Kaminsky
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In an ever-increasing struggle to secure top talent, there's a new sticking point: the candidate recruiting experience. From brand perception to online applications, today's job candidate has many opportunities to engage--or become disengaged--with your company. More than ever, candidates are quick to walk away from awkward technology, unclear processes, an unsatisfying level of human interaction, or hard-to-find information. In a competitive talent market, candidates jump ship at various roadblocks--and many organizations have no idea where the problems lie. It's vital for companies to develop a way to assess a candidate's application experience, know more about what prospects think of their hiring process, and make changes where necessary so they can attract and win the best talent.