WHITEPAPER: The Science of Social Job Sharing: How to Effortlessly Tap Your Social Network for Employee Referrals and Passive Candidates

July 15, 2013 | Work4
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Certain laws are immutable: what goes up, must come down. Matter cannot be created or destroyed. You shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day.*

*Although this one’s arguable, depending upon whom you ask.


Or how about this one? Recruiting is an inherently social activity.


You don’t have to sit under a tree and wait to get bonked on the head by an apple to come to the same conclusion we did: Recruiting is social. Social media is social.

Why not put two and two together?


There is, of course, a science to sourcing and hiring the right candidates on social media. If you have the right tools, you can gain some velocity with your social recruiting strategy, and even increase your qualified candidates to a critical mass.