The World is Local: A New Model for Human Resources

August 19, 2013 | Josh Bersin | Bersin by Deloitte
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The World is Local:  A New Model for Human Resources
Despite continued focus on globalization, new research by DHL shows that the world is not as "flat" as once believed.  While low cost networking has made it easier than ever to communicate around the world, economic and cultural conditions from country to country are more different than ever. The DHL Global Connectedness study, authored by Professor Pankaj Gemawhat, states:
"The world is far less globally connected today than it was in 2007, and global connectedness falls far short of the levels commonly assumed by business executives and the general public."
The study's point is not that the world is not flat, but rather that "flatness" has given way to a new type of business environment:  one where all markets are local, and we as business people have to localize our products and services for the countries we do business.