World's Most Expensive Cities for Expatriates

August 5, 2013 | Kathy Kristoff | CBS Moneywatch
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Paying high prices for a small taste of home is a regular challenge for people who take work abroad. And while many Americans may be tempted by the lure of high pay and the adventure of living overseas, it's wise to consider the cost of living before you go, lest this high pay still has you living like a pauper.
Mercer, a global consulting firm headquartered in New York, conducts an annual survey of most costly places for expatriates to live and work abroad. The data is often surprising, since poor countries can often be costly for Americans. The main reason: Safe living accommodations that are up to U.S. standards can be hard to come by. Companies use the data to help set pay rates, while employees can find it instructive to know just how hard it will be to replicate their lifestyle in another location.